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Respiratory protection

Professional illness prevention is primarily based on a thorough knowledge about the contaminants inherent to production activities; including the selection, function, adjustment, utilization, upkeep and the appropriate manner of wearing the respiratory protection apparatus.

SL&B can assist your organization by implementing the means of personnel protection that are in compliance with all legal health and safety requirements.

Respiratory Program

Our services:
  • Respiratory protection program
    • Revision
    • Development
    • Coaching
  • User training
    • Regulations
    • CSA Standard
    • Appropriate choice of respiratory protection
    • Types of contaminants
    • Types of respirators
    • Application and removal of the respirator
    • Filters
    • Inspection and upkeep
  • Quantitative and qualitative FIT-test 
    • Disposable mask
    • Half mask
    • Full-face mask
  • Personalized information sheet for mask adequacy and compliance certificate
    • Mask type and size
    • Test and recall date
  • Employer report
    • Facilitates inventory control on the work site
    • Testifies to adequate mask utilization
    • Demonstrates employer compliance to current regulations
  • Annual follow-up of client files