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About us

As a recognized pillar of support in aluminum smelter operations, SL&B also responds effectively to your respiratory protection requirements. In partnership with SL&B, you can count on the exceptional know-how of an experienced team of professionals. Reinforced by years of diverse experience in various plants, we are qualified to become active participants in continuous improvement activities.

With the most advantageous solutions for its clients as its constant target, SL&B guarantees efficiency and productivity, in accordance with your quality and your health and safety standards.

SL&B has two main fields of expertise :

  • Support to primary metal aluminum smelters
  • Respiratory protection

It was during the exuberant early ‘90s, inspired by the construction of several aluminum smelters in Quebec (Canada) that Yvon Lavigne founded Lavigne & Baril Services (SL&B).

Guided by his instinctive business sense, Yvon Lavigne understood that businesses and industries alike are ever-searching for trained and efficient manpower. He promptly undertook the development of a rigorous hiring process, team recruitment and the elaboration of training programs on the various aspects of industrial equipment operation and workplace health and safety.

Ever since, SL&B has offered qualified personnel to all sectors of aluminum smelter operations. The SL&B team is equipped with the abundant technical knowledge relevant to the entire primary metal aluminium production process.

For over twenty years, the competent, efficient and safety-conscious SL&B personnel have contributed directly to the accomplishment of client business and production objectives.

Yvon Lavigne


Our mission:

To provide our clients with services, which contribute the optimization of productivity in each activity sector of aluminum production and to satisfy the highest standards for respiratory protection.

Our vision:

To consistently offer and sustain intervention services, seize the opportunities in response to the needs of our clients, by deploying a reliable multi-skilled team that is recognized for its competence and know-how.

Our values:

To share the objectives of our clients in the spirit of partnership and respect:

  • Health, safety, people and the environment;
  • Confidentiality, in compliance with the practices specific to each organization;
  • The standards, laws and regulations to which our clients are bound;
  • Intellectual and technological property.

For SL&B, work place health and safety is a major priority for which each team member has proven commitment. It is an integral element of all our daily activities, reinforced by results that support the environment and the promotion of concrete measures for a rigorous prevention of accidents at work.

The safekeeping of the health, safety and physical integrity of personnel is a fundamental goal for Consultants SL&B. Accident prevention is maintained as a constant concern during our interventions.

For SL&B, health and safety is a collective responsibility.